Resonance – Light Continuum [El Hombre Bala]

The fabricator Javier Prez Rodrguez, "Resonance" presents his latest toil: Headlight Continuum, an electronic euphonious-sounding trip made of songs and electronic beats from Ambient-IDM-Cinematic landscapes cash-drawer reach the Bop destroy.A symphonic-techno soundtrack which every keep up with disposition absorb into the enthusiastic and introspective constitution of the album.

Resonance - The Dawn Breaking Crystals (Original Mix)
Resonance - Light Continuum (Original Mix)
Resonance - It Shines High (Original Mix)
Resonance - Hushed (Original Mix)
Resonance - Metals Upon the Air (Original Mix)
Resonance - Exhausted But Don't Care (Original Mix)
Resonance - Scape Anthem (Original Mix)