Relapso, Echologist, Orogeno – Descolamos [Propellant Music]

Have it! And to clinch the EP a remix from the portuguese artist Relapso bringing a drinks Techno. Also we arrange the remixes from the all well-built Brendon Moeller where brings his one and only design to us. Here it comes the before unchain of the portuguese artist Orogeno in our brand. What a less ill way to start his trip in Propellant Music with 2 prototypical tracks which are inovating the Techno nowadays.

Orogeno - Descolamos (Original Mix)
Orogeno - Descolamos (Echologist Remix)
Orogeno - Atrás Dos Olhos (Original Mix)
Orogeno - Atrás Dos Olhos (Relapso Remix)