Rekord 61, Jeremy Wang – Dual Generator Ep [Konstruktiv]

R1 continues from where Dual Generator leftist off, but mellows down the minded with a melodic intro, one to dumbfound you promote again into a unbending whirl of rough subdued beats. Jeremy's Wang latest manumit on the Berlin based imprint Konstruktiv stands out as the combination of his originative mirage, that is to sire strong music that works positively on the dancefloor as it does for digs listening. Out on Konstruktiv on September 5th, the Dual Generator EP is a advantageous let out, a documentation of the designation's correct drop. The apogee is reached with Speechseq5, as doleful and stalwart as the siesta of the tracks, but with impersonal icy beats which produce an industrial infused soundtrack for a dystopian alternate genuineness. Next off is the rework from classification's boss, Rekord 61, which showcases long ago again an uncompromising come nigh to techno, because of an powerful and at times introspective remix which allows you to indisputably lose out yourself on the dancefloor. The stiff-hitting Dual Generator sets the approach with howling drums and onerous bass lines which morph together into an acid infused dancefloor stomper.

Jeremy Wang - Dual Generator (Original Mix)
Jeremy Wang - R1 (Original Mix)
Jeremy Wang - R1 (Rekord 61 Remix)
Jeremy Wang - Speechseq5 (Original Mix)