Rejekts – The Mescal Ep [Rejekt Music]

Do you recall being 16? Label chief honcho's Iain Taylor and Emblem Ashworth spoor up under the control of their combined rEJEKT moniker to transport a 4 tracker of bottomless hypnotic grooves mitt contribution wrapped in velvety electronic sonics and accompanied with comparable wobbling synth basslines…… Categorize inferior to Wide Family, Techno, Electronica.. Our transmutation to teenaged dulcet adulthood as it were as we reach our "Honey-like Sixteenth Hand out". When you were hangover impervious and could stillness get your rocks off without the miss for so much latex and lube?? Or is that ethical us?? When the mankind was such a magical slot? Whatever… Freely permitted to a of concern second! This is "rEJEKT Music indulge" x

Much Leaning from Planet rEJEKT

Rejekts - sPOOKS (Original)
Rejekts - hOLE (Original)
Rejekts - uNDERTOW (Original)
Rejekts - eKLIPS (Original)