Refrakt – Keklov [Scarlet Carson Records]

later, he having been to some festivals, both in Italy and about, he realized that the guitar wasn't the appliance he wanted to on playing. Valerio is a callow creator and DJ of Rome, distinction '91. Since tiny Valerio was in with with the vinyl, amplifers and speakers thanks to his kin who played in the at daybreak 90s, the space of "something of your grey matter" of "techno introduce" Hasty J
At age 14 he had his earliest be faced with with the area of music: he laboured guitar, which I began to rise the "power" of the music. REFRAKT is the new layout of Valerio Innorta. after a year of training of mixing arrive the foremost targets
Under the control of the basic alias, he can participate in daily in disparate places including the PLANET ROME (EX ALPHEUS) playing at the break reception with artists like Truncate, Pfiter and Raven Asteroid, the Coarse Community League – MAGAZZINO33 – Staff999 (Prato) after the authentic effect come what may OPERA Melodious Anniversary in B2B with Genny Effe. so he unambiguous to buy his opening comfort focusing promptly on techno; "Music, that without words, it leaves an imprint advantageous."
In the intervening time, he also begins to weigh ableton. he was attracted by the semblance of the DJ, who with his alternative of music could incite a thousand of people, and it was impartial what he wanted to do: Foment. in 2016 , after he had event , he started his new prepare under the control of the label Refrakt

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Refrakt - Keklov (Original Mix)
Refrakt - Waves Of Memories (Original Mix)