rEd’u, Valer den Bit – Lulululu Ep [Making You Dance Records]

We are continuing our chasmal melodic pilgrimage this summer, with two wonderful skilful Russian producers! Valery and Timur takes us on a endlessly bottomless, wide and synth-important ethereal pere. On "Lulululu" they teases the bass in slowly, but starts to go inflexible as the music builds up…. Mastering provided by CID INC MASTERING Keywords: Medley, recondite, developing, intelligence-blowing chord progressions

We wish you delight in this EP as much as we do! "Mitro" dares to defy the audience to the fullest with frangible atmospheric entropy and haunted esoteric melodies.

Valer den Bit, rEd'u - Lulululu (Original Mix)
Valer den Bit, rEd'u - Mitro (Original Mix)