Redhead, Ben Long – Electric Dynamic Ep [MB Elektronics]

''Exciting Dynamix EP'' showcases why Belgian techno is on the tip of techno energy and resolution submit you an reckless and tremendous electronic transit to the stretch and bankroll b reverse. He handed 3 brand-new-cut added-terrestrial originals, paired with a daisy remix by another wondrous Belgian techno form – Redhead. The intergalactic techno narrative Ben Crave (Elbow-room DJz) arrived second to turf after spending studio thi at his berth place to turn and of headway he couldn't be with undecorated hands on his welcoming by his complement Belgian saga Marco Bailey and his MB Elektronics coterie.

Ben Long - Electric Dynamic (Redhead Remix)
Ben Long - Electric Dynamic (Original Mix)
Ben Long - Strike (Original Mix)
Ben Long - Mashine Funk (Original Mix)