RDMA – Little J’s Poem [Sound & Object]

Like viewing a metropolis inclusive of a car's squall splattered window, Minute J's Ode is chuck-full of nature and colours. Bring over a corner and see what is next. The rhythms are animated and excogitative if you be deficient in to caper or impartial desire to attend the standard. Each of the tracks settles into a stria – observe the shifting blurry pads if that is where your spirit takes you, or the ablaze with synths that frisk about the edges. Tranquil, formal, colourful or disorientating, much reflecting your own feelings bankroll b reverse at you. Reshape a corner and the a new episode has created the selfsame sense of touch with this EP.

RDMA - Infant Eyes (Original Mix)
RDMA - Chant (Original Mix)
RDMA - Kenyatta (Original Mix)