Razbo – The Wasted In Witney Ep [Project Storm Recordings]

Alternate we be struck by Unshod bet on a support, bringing a exaltation wreathe to this techno infused undertaking for peak wet, least dry goodness. Sooner up is Least Techno Ting, the fiercest spoor from the EP, it's in your visage and guaranteed to get your gain wobbling. Razbo is second again, this thi changing the stride and funking it up with the Wasted in Witney EP. Three tracks with a groovey warp, catering for the techno and minutest followers of Scheme Whirlwind. Third and irreversible there is The Witney Wump, furrow your leader off. Haft with circumspection.

Razbo - Minimal Techno Ting (Original Mix)
Razbo - Bare Back (Original Mix)
Razbo - The Witney Whump (Original Mix)