Rayko, Nicone, Jan Mir – Annapurna Ep [Dikso Records]

From the cosmic master rendition and uniquely the driving Nicone remix that both unbolted the door to foremost floors and bigger rooms to the more established Rayko remix and the stable more fixed flipside '10 Vorne' – this is the most suitable reasonable way to mark out the range and versatility of Dikso in righteous one EP. Homecoming crowned head and set itinerant Berlin artist Jan Mir and his esteem to Nepalese fancy stop 'Annapurna' do not no more than enlarge bridges in geographic terms but also in a lyrical way. Homecoming at on Dikso with their 25th diss.

Jan Mir - Annapurna (Original Mix)
Jan Mir - Annapurna (Nicone Remix)
Jan Mir - Annapurna (Rayko Remix)
Jan Mir - 10 Vorne (Original Mix)