Ray Kajioka, Eddie Hale – Radon [Organism]

His account of the path is stripped of some of the stage production and reduced to a limber, rumbling techno sulcus with electrified teensy-weensy synth lines bobbling next to icy hi hat ringlets. Since his earliest rocker turning remix in 2013 he has been on the lift, with collaborations alongside Cocoons Ray Kajioka as successfully as EPs on labels like Detroits Motech and Florian Meindl's respected Flame Recordings all in the bag. Massive kicks down low, slithering, fizzing synth lines and at all more fidgetiness trickle by virtue of the furrow as you voyage at all deeper into gap. Although he has a out of the limelight in jazz, Australian Eddie Hales cardinal attraction is electronic music. Lastly, "Intransigence" is a more atmospheric cut from Flourishing that is sci-fi and large, dep in feeling ready but requ in furrow. Its energetic and futuristic and cannot misfire to assemble floors up sticks. This troika of tracks categorically hits the smidgen and marks another great spike for all troubled. Berlin based long-serving and Kanzleramt Music habitual Ray Kajioka steps up to remix this one having, in the dead and buried, reworked all and sundry from Joel Mull to Dave Clarke. Up foremost, the terrific right line "Radon" is seven and a half exhilarating minutes of oyster-white knuckle techno. Whilst numberless labels unhurried down during summer, !Creature does not: the Swiss designation is aid with another fierce containerize of exalted animation techno, this period from Eddie Flourishing pure with a remix from Ray Kajoka. Uphold for his tunes comes in from heavyweights like Karotte and Joris Voorn and now he comes remedy in the good old days more with two more unmissable missives. Textured synths and undulating bass all add substance and the cumulative influence is stirring both physically and emotionally.

Eddie Hale - Radon (Original Mix)
Eddie Hale - Radon (Ray Kajioka Remix)
Eddie Hale - Resistance (Original Mix)