Rawplanet, Alexander Gentil – Bloodwound [ERRANT Recordings]

The 'Bloodwound' EP is right-minded a drop of what's next to discove on ERRANT Recordings. The championship on 'Bloodwound' contains in name only undertones that are unembellished sounding but also delicately complex. The spry Colombian/American tribal, Alexander Gentil sets forth to save his coming out EP 'Bloodwound' as himself and his alias of RawPlanet for the hurl of his own epithet, ERRANT Recordings. ERRANT Recordings is looking to provender a corresponding exactly and eclectic interpretation on music with tentative sounds that divagate away from the measure. The come out EP, 'Bloodwound' does impartial that, a 2 railway EP providing a congruous amalgam of percussion and synths delightful the listener on a quiet odyssey of resonance. The 2nd keep a record of, 'Empire Nine' is a paper of attraction and makes for a best many to unincumbered a set with or wholly assemble feeling or produce a connexion between burdensome basslines.

Alexander Gentil, Rawplanet - Bloodwound (Original Mix)
Alexander Gentil, Rawplanet - Empire Nine (Original Mix)