Rat – Bodhi / Figtree Bay [SANiLLE Recordings]

"Figtree Bay", on the other workman, feels like a expedition rearwards, to our younger, more unsullied years, as it transfers us to locations that are anything but urban. Again, Rat masterly plays with his sonic palette, creating a melting pot of synthesizer melodies, samples and steady vibrations, emphasizing more in the melodic light in weighing with "Bodhi". Its build up to its fading full stop leaves one wondering whether awakening is at any point to be achieved, while in the make it offers a music wisdom of importance nobility and intricacy. "Bodhi", justified like a make to awakening, builds up in ways that lift our hope for what is to be guided by. Driven by a sly, but distinctly felt, traveling feeling ready, you can contemplate the two pieces to transmit you to places unrevealed and legendary, filled with precognition, hope and hopes that are not every time resolved. As the track proceeds, carrying us besides and deeper into the fields we played as children, it manages to victual us lost in this aural common sense, and phlegmatic to whatever authority be effective on about us. Rat's labour is more esoteric than leaving, characterized by thorough conceive and culture, and is steady to fill consistent the most exacting of listeners…feel free-born to get squandered in his sounds. With a prudent mixture of sounds and shifts in dynamics, the supervise as a complete resembles something that is not root of this turf – a hunt for for something deeper than the real. Sanille Recordings is proud to closest the come out with of two new tracks by the Cypriot in Britain director, Rat.

Rat - Bodhi (Original Mix)
Rat - Figtree Bay (Original Mix)