Rapossa – Orbital [Lemongrassmusic]

Like a comet it makes its way into don our galaxy, disappearing planets and shining brightly in the Cimmerian dark sky. 

Rapossa now presents his initiation EP „Orbital" on the German imprint "Lemongrassmusic". Rapossa is a new prominence in the life of Electronic trip the light fantastic toe and Ambient music. 
It contains all the brightest and kindest things, as okay as kindliness and frankness of "Orbital" is a unabated nightclub into the astounding community of past comprehension break music. 
He makes impassioned praiseworthy music which captures one's notice with its enthralling sound and weak vocals.

Rapossa - Venus (Original Mix)
Rapossa - Mars (Original Mix)
Rapossa - Uranium (Original Mix)
Rapossa - Saturn (Original Mix)
Rapossa - Mercury (Original Mix)