Rao, blindB, Southside Son – Retrospecting [MustHaveSoul]

Rao began as the actual commitment of originator associate Euan Mitchell, which over and beyond the since year has seen Rao knock off with samplers and keys as prop up act for Danny Krivit, Spen & Karizma, Unknown, Lay-Far (Suncebeat vs. Following a lengthy charge as a London meeting musician, Jay's influences are eclectic but unhesitatingly entrenched in the ring of embodiment, jazz and Afro-Cuban music along with the onerous synths and rhythms of the London Shattered Give someone a thrashing segment. The basic is brought strongly up-to-tryst by two contrasting remixes. blindB aka Jay Enticknap is a Bournemouth based processor and keyboard wizard. The keep an eye on is entranced past comprehension by Rao (aka Euan Mitchell ) and accustomed the splintered drub treatment by blindB (aka Jay Enticknap). Neighbourhood p Talk soir), Solid Times at Ton Birthday and the wonderful 212 & Distrikt in Leeds, UK. Eugene makes a salutation earn to the ticket, but this occasion beneath his Southside Son image with a 90's inspired on, laced with beating horns and synth basslines. After finishing his studio assemble this is the essential remix scheme for Euan at the beck his Rao conduct. Southside Son
MustHaveSoul / MHS002

UAE based note earmark – MustHaveSoul returns with it's alternate aural donation after the big name of December 2015's 'Someday EP' from Eugene Glasgow. A protracted period collaborator with Southside Son, blindB's remix of Retrospecting is his head alone advance.

Southside Son - Retrospecting (Original Mix)
Southside Son - Retrospecting (blindB Remix)
Southside Son - Retrospecting (Rao Remix)