Rafa, David Leoni, Kløne – Va Fartlek 001 [Fartlek Recordings]

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Fartlek Recordings

The brand Fartlek Rec. We're joyful to intimate the fundamental Different Artists of Fartlek Recording. For the primary VA we've choosen three artists remarkably announced in the tube place of Techno music:

– Sergio & David Martinez Luna AKA Kløne, two Spanish artists, that with their works they've created a absolute intermingling of routine sounds of this philanthrop of disturbance

– David Leoni, an Italian artist, that has managed to fashion in his travail the upright estimate between a grim strike one and dribbled;

– Rafael AKA Rafa is an Russian artist, that with his tracks has managed to hit solid the surrogate type more sought after at the before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’. was born from Luca Gaeta and Massimiliano Ruggiero's hint, two callow italian djs with the conception to make their blemish in the set of the electronic music.

Kløne - MPKl / 0.2 (Original Mix)
Kløne - MPKl / 0.3 (Original Mix)
David Leoni - Paradigma (Original Mix)
David Leoni - Sincope (Original Mix)
Rafa - Impulsive (Original Mix)
Rafa - Revolution (Original Mix)