Rafa Barrios, Spartaque – Next Gate – Digital [Code Records]

For this restart, the chosen artist is the new rising leading man of european techno: Spartaque. This masterful ukrainian dj gives us a soup of his unexcelled hearing on "Next exit". He gives his in person spectacle of the basic view: keeping some synths and voices, but adding his "pumpin?rifling", making another doozy trail for this notable put out. The spoor has a heady pedestal combined with amicable pads to allow a melodic responsibility to this shell for every cavort base. To whole the pass out, there's another proficient processor who has made an astonishing remix: Rafa Barrios. 10 years after the ahead let off of the ticket, Pandect Records returns. It's arduous to acquire a haler reboot for Corpus juris Records. In the premier releases of the sobriquet they released music from Ben Sims, Token Broom, Exium, Marko Nastic, Fer BR, , Eric Sneo or Axel Karakasis, well-founde to appellation a few.

Spartaque - Next Gate (Original Mix)
Spartaque - Next Gate (Rafa Barrios Remix)