Rafa Barrios, Ramiro Lopez – Paraphonic [Stereo Productions]

Unafraid is a really dour and profound cut which keeps the apprehension all over the footmarks and Paraphonic is a off one’s rocker and metal footmarks,
with hypnotic elements as fabulously as groovy and buildt with vigour from start to end. They've been talking ar for a great era and now the development is there the corner with a unbelievable EP with two techno tracks preferred called Paraphonic EP

They entertain deeply unalike ways of work and techniques but these undertaking has a absolutely fit evaporate between both and has the mos of each one. Rafa Barrios and Ramiro Lopez are not simply two of the most plentiful Spanish producers, they are also totally proper friends, but they be experiencing not worked together manure this new Stereo Productions issue.

Ramiro Lopez, Rafa Barrios - Bold (Original Mix)
Ramiro Lopez, Rafa Barrios - Paraphonic (Original Mix)