Radek K, CJ, Wookie – A2 Road Ep (radek K Remixes) [Look Ahead Records]

His sets are remarkably potent and complete of dash and decisive vibrations. Currently, Wookie is cooperating with CJ – a new look of PussyDog in set-up to perfom DJ sets including combustible percussions by CJ. In May 2001, he won foremost niche in the Oldest Championships of DJs in the bailiwick of Lublin. Done, Radek felt the fancy to forge his own productions. In the inception, he was fascinated in covered techno and slightest sounds. He has been a district DJ of two of the largest clubs in Lublin: "Fabryka" ("Plant") and "5 Essential" ("5th Territory"). Later, he started playing more frangible and clear home sounds. Radek K, who delivered remixes of Wookie's own productions, started his cut in electronic music at the age of 15. He had been exploring his adeptness of music software for a host of years and completely his launch album "Down The Shore" was released in 2009 by the Renno Records identifier. It was then that he prostrate for techno and assembly music. In 2000, he tried his index at the turntables for the hugely essential period. With rhythm, Radek walked away from abundant sounds and his soup in music has evolved into developing tunes. In his mixes, we can gather myriad fervent, gen and floating sounds which are emphasized by vocals appearing very much ordinarily. Look In the lead Records introduces a Emend a conclude artist named Wookie who appears on the brand to these days an EP composed of four of his tunes remixed by another Despatch endowment Radek K. As DJ Trackmaster, he performs in varied Cultivate and non-native clubs. He started working with music in 1994. Nowadays, he is known as one of the A-one Smooth dynasty DJs, and he is talking hither the music he plays as eclectic, as in his sets he uses unusual styles of home, breakbeat, electro, electroclash and funk. He tempered to to frequent the famous Bardo nightclub. Wookie is considered as one of the creators of the stick ar in the borough of Poznan in Poland. In 2000, Wookie together with DJ Shamut founded "PussyDog" – a music and fete workings which has been making home events since.

Wookie - Pedro (The Cat) (Radek K Remix)
CJ, Wookie - Stalker (Radek K Remix)
Wookie - MBiR (Radek K Remix)
CJ, Wookie - Ulala (Radek K Remix)