Raddle B, Ryota Arai – Sunset Deck [Pulsar Recordings]

Ryota Arai is back on Pulsar Recordings to showcase his latest work to the global trance audience. His latest outing is called Sunset Deck and starts with a positively charged atmosphere, giving us just a hint of things to come. It doesn't take long before the beautiful breakdown unwinds and greets us with a soft piano and ethereal flute melody that gives rise to our soul. Things quickly pick up for a really rich dropdown which has a proper drive, putting an amazing finishing touch to the whole composition.

On remix side of things for Sunset Deck we have Raddle B, a trance talent from Moldova who was already featured on our label last year. His take starts with a more serious and slightly mysterious plucks which eventually get joined by the familiar synths from the original. Breakdown continues on the note of misty plucks, but gradually opens up to the listeners, gliding gracefully through the airwaves in its full power whilst the drop focuses on those synths giving it quite a punch.

Ryota Arai - Sunset Deck (Original Mix)
Ryota Arai - Sunset Deck (Raddle B Remix)