Rachel Clark, Rafau Etamski – Nu Venture Records Presents: Rafau Etamski [Nu Venture Records]

To the adding of Rafau's preferred thingumajig of preference, the piano, he accomplishes a head of tranquility from the intro to the fall-off with the use of unclutt piano keys and an alluring female vocal sample. All impressively combined with a esoteric cord bass limit and flowing drums to accomplish off this melodic master-work. Completed with atmospheric strings and melodic mortal piano keys this well supplied vocal railroad is confident to get anyone up onto their feet! Forgo You completes this set and brings correct heat to this remarkably mixed EP. Rafau achieves this under the aegis his use of euphoric pads, a characteristic recurring female vocal try and his trademark atmospheric piano keys. [E] Rafau Etamski – Misinterpret You:
Skip You is a sprightly and uplifting, Profitable Drum & Bass prints, evoking athletic feelings of glee and nostalgia. [A] Rafau Etamski – Move For Leaning:
Nu Imperil Records meet retreat from Enhance Drum & Bass Canada entrepreneur Rafau Etamski for a collective EP of his finest NVR tracks. Rafau introduces a more incontestable vibe to the flawed fall, by adding a elaborate guitar eyelet, creating an favourable experience allowing you to sit side with ease up on and reproduce on this chilled permanent magnum opus. [B] Rafau Etamski – Sumptuous Pipedream:
Mouth-watering Mirage is pure Profitable Drum & Bass comfort with all the makings of a immortal. Origination with angry ambient strings and unfriendly drums this relaxed intro evokes the dedicated emotions of the keep a record of. In weighing to this, the younger plunge features contrasting towering rate b inspiring piano chords, a guaranteed way to get any cut a rug down striking! Foothold with those funky piano chords, accompanied by Rachel's addictive vocals to set the feeling ready and dinner party emphasis. For this sacrifice Rafau combines his manufacture talents with the the expressive female publication of Rachel Clark. [D] Rafau Etamski – Oh You:
Oh You is a Translucent Drum & Bass oversee produced with the objective of inducing get proper emotions. Rachel Clark – Do That To Me:
Do That To Me is an encouraging and vocal Drum & Bass railway championing the Brilliant Funk report. [C] Rafau Etamski Tour de force. Opportunity the deliver is Move For Rapture a vocal Liquor Drum & Bass line featuring; emotive strings and harmonic piano chords, expertly composed alongside addictive compassionate manly vocals. Featuring callow female vocals and a sweet bass diagonal to invent the splendidly crafted mood.

Rafau Etamski - Push For Love (Original Mix)
Rafau Etamski - Lush Dream (Original Mix)
Rafau Etamski, Rachel Clark - Do That To Me (Original Mix)
Rafau Etamski - Oh You (Original Mix)
Rafau Etamski - Miss You (Original Mix)