R.N.T.S., John Massey, Celestial Mekanix, Milkplant – Plutonium Ep [Etichetta Nera]

Milkplant is a well known and respected dj and producer from .. He's the label manager of From 0-1 label and released his music on label such as Planet Rhythm, Darknet, Dystopian Rhythm, Rheostatus and of course on his own label.
In this release Milkplant delights us with 2 well produced and pounding tracks. The Ep is supplemented by 4 high profile remixes by Angelo Perna, Celestial Mekanix, John Massey and
Enjoy the music !!

Milkplant - Plutonium (Original Mix)
Milkplant - Plutonium (Remix)
Milkplant - Plutonium (Remix)
Milkplant - Plutonium (Mass Redux Remix)
Milkplant - RX-18 (Original Mix)
Milkplant - RX-18 (Remix)