QWRK – War Poem [Granular Music]

GRAM010 Update: War Poem

QWRK, joins us at a pivotal point in our existence; and our troopers can attest to that. This 2 track EP, is a 104TEN; a mix, a stir, an enquiry into what really transpires in our mind. 'War Poem', and 'Dark Spots' is like an action and a reaction.

'Dark Spots' takes us on a melodic wander trip, thumpy drums and a powerful bass evening it all out with some brass and piano like jabs. 'War Poem' is like an unbroken promise, drums and rolling baselines are the canopy to the vocal declaration.

The troopers are preparing to brace another cosmic dust. This time they the lady unseen to them but heard loud and clear. They follow her new directives. Everything…eveRything…everythiNg.

Stay tuned for our next intermission.

A Bahraini Techno, House and Electronica Producer and DJ, Ahmed Zainal (QWRK, Ed Buzzerk, Slim Fit Tea) has been delving in the underbelly of the Bahraini music scene for over 15 years, only recently emerging. His productions and DJ sets live in the spectrum between minimal, funky bassline Deep House, and dark, pounding Techno grooves, with various transits around leftfield Electronica. 
Under the artist name Ed Buzzerk, Ahmed has become a familiar face in the underground House night "."

QWRK - War Poem (Original Mix)
QWRK - Dark Spots (Original Mix)