Quibus – Save Some [Shipwrec]

Save Some is an extremely diverse debut EP by Quibus. While exposing a wide diversity of genre's, feel invited to dream away on it's consistent, characterizing, dreamy sound. The electronic based EP is heavily influenced by experimenting with acoustic and electric instruments. Spacy guitarmelodies, analog synths, violin echo's, trumpet solo's, deep basslines, and minimal, alienating vocals. Mysterious and melancholic. A journey that puts a spell on you as much as it makes you move. The EP introduces with the dreamy downtempo and soundscapy 'Groundlove' including some enchanting guitar soundscapes and rugged breaks. The single and proud name-bearer of the EP is 'Save Some', a dark melancholic 4×4 track, enchanted by the spell of GOSTO's vocals. 'Breathe' is an intimate downtempo/triphop based track consisting of a dreamy soundscape fundament on one hand, and a funky drumgroove assisted by a steady, trippy bassline on the other hand. 'Can't Let Go' is a house-influenced track that finishes the EP with it's dark, raw, pulverizing, grinding guitarsounds and analog synths….

Quibus - Groundlove (Original Mix)
Quibus - Save Some featuring GOSTO (Original Mix)
Quibus - Breathe featuring Anne Bakker (Original Mix)
Quibus - Can't Let Go featuring Anne Bakker (Original Mix)