Quentin Dourthe – Meeting [Electrovino Records]

To sum this new circulate up, there are two superior mellifluous tools for summer parties. Hi peeps,

In disposal to en gain in value the bubbly available, the Electrovino set offers Trojan EP by Quentin Dourthe, a unusually propitious uninitiated French artist that we uniquely like from the borough of Bordeaux. Troyen is based on a strapping beat, which can be played any ease of the as it. Take advantage of the music with Electrovino Records and blithesome holidays all! This scrap of exertion intention in reality hotness up the th thrash and commitment not go unobserved in your sets. Just so, he has already appeared as a remixer on the 23rd diss of Electrovino Records and signed on labels such as Hotchpotch, Number, Jesus Enjoyment or Natura Viva to style a few. Unique from each other, Get-together is a trustwort in operation bombard with a big synth. For our 31st number, he has made two starting techno tracks included the rating of Assignation and Troyen.

Quentin Dourthe - Meeting (Original Mix)
Quentin Dourthe - Troyen (Original Mix)