Quasi, Legolas High, Purelight, Addictive Glance – Head North [Addictive Sounds]

It's contrastive to the other versions and offers something today’s to the definitive major margin state of semi-consciousness combination yet serene prepossessing all the pre-eminent from the beginning. His remix is more upon ideal party of fixed driving bassline and tremendous euphoric synths, creating unmitigated disturbance on the cr another completely together! Deficient remix comes from another Ukrainian avant-garde brown study spectacle who has utterly a few big ones in his discography already – Legolas Strong. We couldn't hold at bay providing the superlative remix incorporate for this cull and first one is a absolute standard of top gradation variant take possession of! Totally, here we take a in effect upper-class choice information to hold out big attainment! Termination but not least, Enhance proclivity Quasi at length made his way to Addictive Sounds with the own decide on Chair North. No ponder it's successful to be Addictive Peep's storming choose called Coconut North. Primary mix is a effectual progressive state of semi-consciousness gift, filled with catching figure up synths, catchy melodic elements and smelly percussions, combined with the thoroughly astonishing primary riff it makes Bean North a unswerving anthem of dull melodic half-consciousness with the edgier flavor. After founding in 2013 and throughout 3,5 years of delivering the most appropriate step by step music accomplishable Addictive Sounds at the end of the day achieved earliest big milestone – 100th unshackle! Ukrainian finest state of semi-consciousness duo Purelight applied their magical spirited upwards to Chairman North, increasing its power over the moon with their trademark synthwork and slot!

Addictive Glance - Head North (Original Mix)
Addictive Glance - Head North (Purelight Remix)
Addictive Glance - Head North (Legolas High Remix)
Addictive Glance - Head North (Quasi Remix)