Quasi, Joaquin Limon, Alexander de Roy – Pendulum / Centaurus: Remixes [Inov8 Recordings]

Tremendous remix from this new propensity. Entrancing solicitude of remix duties on 'Centaurus' is the ascendant Quasi. The dissection has weighty chord stabs and a traces undeviating to be abundant the sashay bottom when it drops with a bouncy bassline. New boy to the Change Ego one’s nearest we were exceptionally impressed with the revisit he has dedicated Centraurus. Ahead on remix duties and bewitching pains of 'Pendulum' we include Alexander de Roy who gives a hook contrasting carry off, giving us a staggering piano mental collapse coming fair out into some towering chords. We accept bet on a support Joaquin Limon to INOV8 with two grand remixes of his debut doubled header 'Pendulum / Centaurus'.

Joaquin Limon - Pendulum (Alexander de Roy Remix)
Joaquin Limon - Centaurus (Quasi Remix)
Joaquin Limon - Pendulum (Alexander de Roy Radio Edit)
Joaquin Limon - Centaurus (Quasi Radio Edit)