Quam, SwitchKraft – Ice Elation [Symphonic Distribution]

Ice Elation determination be nearby from and outstanding online retailers from 19th August 2016. The commotion explores the slightly uncoordinated subject-matter of ice addiction, an efflux that's suitable all too customary in our western education. Interestingly, the job reflects satirically on the chronicle of Adolf Hitler, who unbeknown to most was absolutely a unrestrained methamphetamine habitual user. A unlighted yet comical aspect of this sardonic workings that has bewitched the planet by downpour." He goes on to confide that "the standing 'Ice Elation' outlines the consuming elation which is the addictive call of the hypnotic when smoked, but also suggests the after effects of 'isolation' and awareness rambling from household, friends, m, enjoyment, universe and all that is not on the uniform twitchy phone call."

Switchkraft receive been teasing their burgeoning fan buil with a series of colourful, quirky and delightfully unorganized tracks with accompanying skin clips, which they get been playfully uploading to YouTube since their inception in 2014. Electronic duo Switchkraft pass out disputable inauguration unique 'Ice Elation'

On 19th August 2016 the Gold Strand's most quirky radical duo determination trickle their argumentative enter fix Ice Elation and sport an snobbish run of dates to have a party. Distributed By Symphonic Deployment – The essential oblation is a mid-pulse, bass grave EDM traces with a futuristic hip-hop sense. Consisting of The Pliant Surgeon AKA Freddy 'Flyfingaz' Holler and Glitch Buchanan AKA Carey O'Sullivan of Tijuana Cartel obloquy, Switchkraft are known for their profoundly own multiply of bone wobbling bass music or 'Shift Hop' as they approve to direction it. The principal of profuse to put in an appearance. The inexpensively boasts friable, good-sized beats; barbaric synth bass lines and scratches; and their trademark cinematic sampling. With the twisted lyrical encryptions of New Zealand born wordsmith Quam, this railroad packs a mo punch. The duo has featured at WA's signature originative media conference—The Rise Feast and recently reached a wider audience with their remix of Unprejudiced in Action by Brisbane funk brothers, The Worthless Fakes. In the words of The Clayey Surgeon, the air is "inspired by the worldwide ice pandemic and the twisted madhouse of the special trial of this narcotic and its effects. Now fans of Switchkraft can definitively get a kick the initial hand out from this intriguing get-up.

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