Qbeck, Thomas A.S., Darem Aissa – Departure [Suleiman Records]

In 2012 a new record company was created by the name of "Soloman's Forest Records". Now, in 2016 that label is transcending and pushing into a new era with a second incarnation, under the moniker "Suleiman Records".

As its predecessor, Suleiman Records is a Montreal based vinyl & digital label, founded by DJ/producer, Darem Aissa. The name of the imprint pays homage to Suleiman Al-Aissa, one of Syria's most prominent contemporary poets.
Its goal is to promote and produce positive, quality electronic music, involving a diverse array of talented artists, worldwide.

Taking influences from House and Techno, and the many amalgamations in between, Suleiman Records' main concept is to explore the more underground and organic side of storytelling, while retaining its artistic integrity and heightened sense of involvement with its music.

Darem Aissa - Departure (Original Mix)
Darem Aissa - Departure (Thomas A.S. Remix)
Darem Aissa - Departure (Qbeck Remix)