Q-Burns Abstract Message, Keter Darker, Andrew Duke – Famous [Colour and Pitch]

Ownership line 'Venerable' features Chicago viva voce chat artist Keter Darker, whose spokeswoman falls somewhere between Maxi Jazz and Gil Scott Heron in its languid, atmospheric delivering. Expanding on the in perfect accord new noise he employed whilst remixing Sumsuch's way 'Brighten' for Tint and Shoot latest year, Q-BAM's kind of 'Celebrated' is fidgety, uplifting, deep down cinematic and bonny much indescribable: righteous hark to. Referencing the state game of appeasement, the brilliantly titled 'Bread and Circus (Unreasoning Country)' moves the EP into new-gloaming society zone, with techno influenced percussion and jazzy rhodes chords providing a trashy backdrop for more of Keter Darker's resilient wordplay. 'Gonna Originate It (Inferior merchandise Temperament)' plays with cracked vocal snippets for lax-passage rhythms, erection gently toward a spicula-tingling, chord-laden, afro-tinged and extremely addictive flute. Having released his own name brand of mercurial, genuine music since '93, the inscription 'Legendary' could be viewed as a parlance-in-cheek pertinence to Andrew's affiliated anonymity consideration his frankly intimidating resume… Be that as it may he's unequivocally too absorb curating and creating spacious music to badger more such things. Pre-eminent coming to the concentration of Cast and Heave throughout his dedicated stand by of our releases on the tranny make clear, we were entirely bowled greater than by the 'Renowned EP' when it in front arrived in our inbox. "Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a vindication for living" (The Wire, UK) At Andrew's exclusive entreat, Orlando's electronic explorer Q-Burns Metaphysical Communiqu closes out the EP with a accurately certain reworking of 'Renowned'. It's sincerely an regard to Non-Standard presently this EP from indeterminate surreptitious music idol Andrew Duke. Management his weekly transistor mix-direct continuously for hardly three decades, the Canadian DJ and creator's commitment to the ground just cannot be questioned. Hypnotic conga rhythms and cold synths allow a nuance of futility to the repeated lyrical refrain; "each wants to be notable".

Andrew Duke, Keter Darker - Famous (Original Mix)
Andrew Duke - Gonna Make It (Second Nature) (Original Mix)
Andrew Duke, Keter Darker - Bread & Circus (Blind Nation) (Original Mix)
Andrew Duke, Keter Darker - Famous (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)