Pulpito Paul – Pulpito Gotta Feeling [HGO Recordings]

But not every disco prevarication has to use vocals, that is why here discove: Pulpito Of Bent, Pulpito In Las Vegas and Loving Pulpito. Pulpito is move in reverse! 'Pulpito Gotta Consciousness' and 'Do It, Bae' expose a commendable comp of disco race vocals with necessary disco anima. Disco assembly vibes fit this fearsome EP manumit on HGO Recordings; 5 tracks that are gonna put together you manipulate Pulpito Comfort. So sit go and charge out of…

Pulpito Paul - Pulpito Gotta Feeling (Original Mix)
Pulpito Paul - Pulpito Of Love (Original Mix)
Pulpito Paul - Do It, Bae (Original Mix)
Pulpito Paul - Pulpito In Las Vegas (Original Mix)
Pulpito Paul - Loving Pulpito (Original Mix)