Psygasus, Feel – Angel Of My Soul [GreenTree Records]

Feel is the emotion of affection, the vibe of unity and the harmony between space and spirit, its the color and scent of love.
It stands for the unity of all and everything, its a force older then the Earth and stars and will quench deepest desires.
Its the connection between humans and the light, the combination of all 4 elements with the essence of heavenly Aether.

This fresh act by Greek talents Theophilos Kritikos and Nikolaos Charonis will level up your spirit.
Their mystic soundscapes are the passage into feelings youve never experienced before, a deep journey of clairvoyant wisdom into an overwhelming wave of high spirits!

Feel - Astral Projection (Original Mix)
Feel - The Last Breat For You (Original Mix)
Feel - Why Me (Original Mix)
Feel - Angel Of My Soul (Original Mix)
Feel - Your Light (Original Mix)
Feel - Her Smile (Original Mix)
Feel - Give Me A Sign (Original Mix)
Feel - Lost In Thoughts (Original Mix)
Feel - No More Lies (Original Mix)
Feel, Psygasus - Bend (Original Mix)