Psygasus – Earth. Teach Us Modesty [GreenTree Records]

Earth. Teach Us Modesty is the new album from the atmospheric ambient trance band Psygasus. Three years after their critically acclaimed debut album From Here To Eternity, brothers Brent and Bjorn are excited to present their second full album to the world. The eight tracks on Earth. Teach Us Modesty is one big trip from the dark to the brighter sides in life. The doomy psychedelic atmosphere, filled up with a lot of live instruments, is telling an inspiring story of how Mother Earth steps in when we are making a mess of things. The title suggests that while we're living life to its fullest, we need to be mindful and respectful towards our planet's resources, because if we fail to do so, she will show us modesty. She already is.

Psygasus - Shaded Valley (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Hypnotic Poison (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Last Train To Babylon (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Psychedelic Pee (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Mighty Mindfuck (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Cristaline (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Black Samadhi (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Swamp Of Sorrows (Original Mix)