Psycorange, Psynetik, Hooryama, Atezu – Untouchable Aura, Yin [D Noir Records]

An otherworldly manifestation. Unutilized's alley is recorded with authentic metre modulations from a modular synth-standing assembled by him self. D Noir presents UNTOUCHABLE Spirit. It makes the listener to organize in the span ,trasported by a extensive drone. Here we showcase 21 tracks, ranging from 150bpm concluding at 210bpm and disembarkation to 0 with the drone-outro by Unavailing Controller. Experimenting with the extensive trails of the forest, as a help to the two shakes of a lamb’s tail mysteries of stretch. We coalesce together an ambience which can at worst be seen, felt. The compilation is a newfangled library of established minds, untrammelled from any ilk of composition or contexts. MASTERING : Biomekanik Bruno Track Yang 11 ' Destitute of Controller – Spazio II ' Mastered by Unoccupied Controller (VOIDSCOPE REC.) ARTWORK : Acid Key Lab A coalescence of sounds from a collection of artists, colliding at a routine mark, this heart being the seed institution of D Noir itself. The station where the psychedelic moods of all the artists who receive collaborated collect, gave creation to Untouchable Emanation.

Atezu - Ghost Room (Original Mix)
Kronos - Chapora Boulevard (Original Mix)
Atezu - Transmute (Original Mix)
Kronos - Over The Timeline (Original Mix)
Dopadocks - Hop Hop Hop (Original Mix)
Scyther Project - Showbizzmess (Original Mix)
Mantys - Melolontha (Original Mix)
Hooryama - Organika (Original Mix)
Psynetik - Atadon (Original Mix)
Psycorange - Psyche & Opera (Original Mix)