Propulse, Talking Machines – Giant Star [Nin92wo Records]

Energy on the dancefloor When the sunset comes, we looked to the sky to up on the are so divers ! Other, for the coolness of the others stars, positioned so far away, that they non-standard like to ponder on on seclusion. All admirable, but nil with Mammoth Shooting star unchanged scintillate. Some attract publicity for they be in such an collaborative group that they take after each other to a cooperate. Enthusiastic, together and surprising, as understandably as the tracks of new EP by Nin92wo, signed byTalking Machines, and remixed by Propulse.

Talking Machines - Missing (Original Mix)
Talking Machines - Giant Star (Original Mix)
Talking Machines - Giant Star (Propulse Remix)
Talking Machines - Plasma Frequency (Original Mix)