Promises Ltd. – Promises Ltd. [Majestic Casual Records]

Consideration the spine of their corresponding individual works as without delay as you agree the intro of the fundamental pursue and beginning choose Days of Lavender it is readable this is not a side plan. is the amalgamation of Jeremy Malvin otherwise known as electronic musician Chrome Sparks and Charlie Stigmatize of the germinal indie swing band Micro Tigers. Created in excess of the conduct of innumerable current dusk sessions in Jeremys Brooklyn Armada Yard studio all the way through 2015 the duos profession toes the pen-mark between alternative skip music and current day synth profuse gazey analog productions and Brands bittersweet and meditative vocals. Promises Ltd.

Promises Ltd. - Days of Lavender (Original Mix)
Promises Ltd. - Another Time (Original Mix)
Promises Ltd. - American Eyes (Original Mix)
Promises Ltd. - Crystal Showers (Original Mix)