Projekt Phase, Charlie Goddard – Rise Up [Cheeky Tracks]

'Arise Up' has been a big keep a record of on the Northern dancefloors and shows exactly why Charlie has ripen into the utmost press pleaser at this year's Summer Conclave and Neat Weekender. 'Get up Up' is a prodigious singalong vocal figure in a equivalent tenor to his one-time Saucy releases, but with overtones of the Belgian sound that stormed the clubs and the pop charts in the anciently 2000s, including a jumbo hardcore-shape piano itemization that is steadfast to get hands in the air in the presence of kicking retreat from with Charlie's trademark power riffs to pick the roof off. The hottest new tough caper gift in the site today teams up with Craig Millar (of Sebastian Deluge & Headrockers glory) covered by his Projekt Usher in alias to convey us another awful flinty trancer! Look out for him performing in the Sizeable arena at Creamfields this weekend!

Charlie Goddard, Projekt Phase - Rise Up (Radio Edit)
Charlie Goddard, Projekt Phase - Rise Up (Original Mix)