Probe, Johannes Heil, Mikael Jonasson – Comfort Zone [Credo]

With an unwavering sense of what works out and what not Mikael Jonasson walks down his path of creating tracks with a nice twist between clarity and dirtiness. While Comfort Zone fulfills the part of dirtiness on this release somehow, Illusion Of Control is a trippy tune of pureness with its mindbending hookline. The remixers Johannes Heil and PROBE deliver two interpretations of Comfort Zone with totally different approaches. While Johannes takes down the pace, PROBE transforms the basic idea of the track into a frequency shifting roller.

Mikael Jonasson - Comfort Zone (Original Mix)
Mikael Jonasson - Illusion Of Control (Original Mix)
Mikael Jonasson - Comfort Zone (Johannes Heil Conversion)
Mikael Jonasson - Comfort Zone (PROBE Repaint)