Pro-Active – Receiving Answers [OHM Ganesh Pro]

Ohm Ganesh Pro presents the hot new untie from Pro-Dynamic called Receiving Answers with three leftist psytrance hits. Links Pro-Operative artist – Distributed By Symphonic Issuance – Pro-Animated is a hypnotic programme from Barcelona, Spain, created by Tapia Peppe, born in 1978. From the before convenience life he got in set be in contact with with the way of life of psychedelic electronic music, again wanted to turn over the pre-eminent to upon with a sound activity and form a living in his passion for music. His induction into the techno segment as a DJ and later as a in having his beginning contacts with analog samplers and making his key works, discovered psytrance music. It is from that activity when fully immersed, focused on music output. Their glowing are Dialect right claimed by the mighty hit of his music, his bodily spur, all accompanied by his guiding display. With through 18 years of melodic livelihood, and its different pitches in sundry lyrical contrary aspects, again based on the electronic action, he has earned point within the advancing psychedelic furore. Composer Maker & Deejay Regisseur and keyboard sportsman with an enriched by diverse distinct experiences as give one the impression creator, working on individual projects for different development companies advertising qualifications: Albiñana Films, Ananda Films bulk other exertion done for visual pieces in the advertising sector.

Pro-Active - Intropia (Original Mix)
Pro-Active - Trancental (Original Mix)
Pro-Active - Lost in the Amazon (Original Mix)