Primi – Mirala [Archipel]

Primi skillfully achieves the understated sophistication that minimal is known for in his latest release, Mirala, smartly equalling out weight and weightless sound qualities throughout.
The aptly named Intergalactic definitely takes you out, and in, to space; here you listen to planets, it is serene and sparse. The title track Mirala is hitting, it builds its way beautifully into a full bodied, intricate melody, and alongside Arc, these tunes are mobile and grooving.
With most of the tracks, you are noticing the subtleties, listening closely and feeling out the variations. The sounds are mature, but not always serious, there is a lightness to a lot of them.
The name Cenda as a persons name means to have an idealistic expressive nature, to be someone that wants to uplift the world, that songs namesake reveals this quality; a clear agile rhythm that makes a foreground to a positive sort of virtuous melody beneath, a cool choice for a song name.
Subtlety can be hard to realize in any art form, and can be mistaken as amateur, but it means that youre taking time to distill your craft. The intention with this release is just that, and if Primi keeps honing his productions the way he is, they will no doubt become even more refined.

Primi - Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Primi - Mirala (Original Mix)
Primi - Test 004 (Original Mix)
Primi - Zena (Original Mix)