Primär Förekomst, Frank Schmutz – Black Magic Ep [Mephyst]

In this new special edition present to you one versus two artists, one with a very industrial and macabre style, Frank brings us this pair of powerful and overwhelming tracks, cruel sounds depressant and waves, influencing trances of distorted images and other PRIMAR back side FÖREKOMST, exclusive artist of our label us this time who has two environmental tracks with celestial atmospheres but daringly crazy, able to cash lead to an angelic hellish trip

Distributed by Triplepoint –

Frank Schmutz - Ds (Original Mix)
Frank Schmutz - Gow (Original Mix)
Primär Förekomst - Amb Maghliak (010616 Mix)
Primär Förekomst - Amb Negriuhm (160616 Mix)