Poty, Dhyan Droik, Marck D, Felo Rueda – Floating [BullDog Records]

Substantial Bassline and dim atmospheres set up the perefect team to require this percentage one of the favorites of the designation so far. Felo Rueda & youthful Accomplished Nigls, bear this space especial fabrication gem influenced by the Asian discrimination that are honest filled with non-leave off energywhit, the use of Chinese Zither to add the melodic flavor of the line. Also, this watch from been remixed by 3 Big Rising Artists as Marck D, Dhyan Droik & Poty, making this a set of enormous altering to all tastes. Distributed By Symphonic Sharing –

Felo Rueda, Nigls - Floating (Original Mix)
Felo Rueda, Nigls - Floating (Marck D Remix)
Felo Rueda, Nigls - Floating (Dhyan Droik Remix)
Felo Rueda, Nigls - Floating (Poty Remix)