Potential Badboy, Rony Blue – I’m So Sorry [Sub Slayers]

With the gift of Carroll Thompson Rony & Yoof revitalise the 80s lovers destroyed time-honoured Im So Wretched. Rony Dirty returns to Sub Slayers formerly again with the labels Junglist linchpin Sovereign Yoof this hour admitting that they allure something rather particular to the food… After his kind shaking album rearmost year Potential honourable keeps on pushing flip and his remix of Im So Above additional fuels the blaze drag along he leaves behind. For a remix there genuinely however was one man for the job: Covert Badboy. Staying steady to the primary vibe and theme Ronys close vocals slide effortlessly over and beyond Yoofs enduring riddim. Crowned head Yoofs productions are stepping up no end having just out produced the Mud hit Who Can Drain off for D Power Frisko & Demolition Man Yoofs line is stylish another to nobody and this reworking of a time-honoured adds more nutrition to the Kings pep. Im So Conscience-stricken sees Rony take out out all the stops showcasing straight how much of a gifted secret gem she is polished yet weighty all the way.

Rony Blue - I'm so Sorry (Original Mix)
Rony Blue - I'm so Sorry (Potential Badboy Remix)
Rony Blue - I'm so Sorry (Instrumental)
Rony Blue - I'm so Sorry (Potential Badboy Dub)