Pornbugs, Sous Sol – Frisky [What Happens]

We are are not panic-stricken to mark out this one of our unsurpassed releases for very mu some stretch. The Swiss duo Sous Sol is on a wheel with fresh construction travail for Hive Audio, Re:FreshYourMind, Cyclic Records and Thraldom Music. They wheel in a reduce tougher story but halt stable to the initial. The native is backed up by a superiority remix from Thraldom Music owners Pornbugs from Germany. We from been fans of both their own productions and their brand for years so it's gargantuan to comprise them on plank. Based in Luzern, Lukas Meyer and Teo Fionom began their trek together in 2011 and now they are correctly established in the townsperson milieu and making pressing waves across Europe. Here at the WH Towers we directly level in predilection with the obscure, in the clouds and crispy ring of the indigenous executed to pattern. …

Sous Sol - Frisky (Original Mix)
Sous Sol - Frisky (Pornbugs Remix)