Plus Thirty, Steve Lovesey, Sapiens – Afflatus [ICONYC]

With 'Afflatus' we welcome back Israeli producer Sapiens to ICONYC with remixes from Steve Lovesey and Plus Thirty. Both the original and the remixes deliver on the goods and exhibit the kind of talent that we are always looking to spotlight. These are the beats that keep you coming back.

Sapiens delivers an outstanding new single, proving that Israeli progressive house is thriving! Already praised for his previous works on various labels like Baroque, Inmost and Suffused to name a few, he turns in a autumn monster in the form of 'Afflatus' which is destined to find it's way into the playlists of the deep and progressive house big boys brigade. Deep house grooves with a bouncy bassline make 'Afflatus' a stunning delight. His toxic perfectionism and shrewd sense of rhythm lead him naturally to where he is today.

First up on remix duty we give you none other than British master of progressive house Mr. Steve Lovesey, who makes his debut on ICONYC with this quality infused rework. He tweaks 'Afflatus' into a deep, brilliant peak hour track, by keeping the drive of the original with added swirling pads and a killer swing groove, turning this into another Steve Lovesey classic.

Next up we welcome back label alumni and favourites Plus Thirty, well known for their monster releases Serendipity and Dream Echoes among others. The guys deliver a driving groove and mind bending remix which is wrapped in a dark techy blanket, fat lead synths and a driving bassline, that make Plus Thirty's rework of 'Afflatus' a must for lovers of the darker tech sound.

Sapiens - Afflatus (Original Mix)
Sapiens - Afflatus (Steve Lovesey Remix)
Sapiens - Afflatus (Plus Thirty Remix)