PlanetaryChild – Dmt And Worm Holes Ep [Wayside Recordings]

He has shared the stages with superbly-known artist such as Stupefy Set energetic and others, including Guttakick and is evermore bewitching his music to other levels. records and co-institutor of the TFOS collective dj and construction artist and chairwoman in bass edm music been producing music 20 yrs at all times convey something new to the echelon also and reaping the harpy dubz dubstep docket uk. Planetarychild drops a elephantine new ep here on Wayside Recordings with four darkly twisted marvellous dubstep glitch tracks to resume the series of releases. Signed to bass soot records and CEO of.

PlanetaryChild - DMT and Worm Holes (Original Mix)
PlanetaryChild - Fried Mind (Original Mix)
PlanetaryChild - Cript (Original Mix)
PlanetaryChild - It Was in the Sky (Original Mix)