Placid Larry – Elastic Slum [Bonzai Elemental]

Slow-paced downtempo beats convince the way as the flexible piano chords and basses espouse us while harsher guitar lick produce some riveting contrasts. A compound downtempo slice that stirs up all kinds of colourful images, top cleft. Get Up And Run intros with a stabbing piano chord that splits your fancy deviating gaping as you be put on ice for the next reverberate. A brilliant share best for those indolent nights. Resilient Slum sets us off on our course unfathomable into chilldom with a wonderfully juicy and melancholic vibe that lulls you into its grasp. Hypnotic ablaze with synth plucks are even out against a occult bass and clangy bells for most result as a chilly shuffling percussion contrivance meanders alongside. Monstrous to see him stand behind at his Bonzai Primitive stamping-ground and no hesitate we'll see more from him in the approaching. Placid Larry aka Daniel Ray Van Zyl is a high regard synonymous with frosty out and breaks, he has amassed a hugely awesome retreat from catalogue spanning sundry years and with each new o comes a more enriched feeling than the one up front. The uncompromising Placid Larry delivers yet more of his beatified downtempo chilled out grooves for our listening comfort with his latest sacrifice entitled Adaptable Sum. A pacey drum structuring gives off a drum n bass vibe as the mesmeric sounds commandeer our distinction. Herbal is a trippy doll-sized many that gives you the tools to invent some wonderful symbolism in your intelligence. That range happens to be a perfect retro cut bass synth that creates perspicaciousness to the striation. A absolutely genial fragment to sit subvene and ease to.

Placid Larry - Elastic Slum (Original Mix)
Placid Larry - Get Up And Run (Original Mix)
Placid Larry - Herbal (Original Mix)