Piri, Guided By Noises, Diaz Dayz, The NightOwls – Combo 2 [Parliament House]

Featuring music from, The NightOwls, The Draggle-tailed 5th's, Semitonic, Fragala P, Applied Body of laws, Odi Diaz, Guided by Noises & Diaz Dayz, and Piri. Parliament Congress unleashes its alternate individual artist COMBO 2.

The NightOwls - OG Bubba (Original Mix)
The Sloppy 5th's - Bruthas & Sistas (Original Mix)
Semitonic - Tract (Original Mix)
Fragala P - Calling (Original Mix)
Applied Science - Tribal Step (Original Mix)
Odi Diaz - Stride (Original Mix)
Diaz Dayz, Guided By Noises - Tales From The Darkside (Original Mix)
The NightOwls, Piri - Hot Sauce (Original Mix)