Pig – The Gospel [Metropolis Records]

PIG preaches a fact of decrease guitars, power chords, electro-scare, church bells & horniness, first sin & unblemished lies, with a expression of crooning mirthful damnation & growling patient redemption. Marr, Guenter Schulz & Smudge Thwaite. Doozy cuts & sterilized lux, ably assisted by his partners in swine: En Esch, Z. Raymond Watts, the Pull rank of Lard returns with The Certainty. Hallelujah! Adoration The Lard!

Pig - The Diamond Sinners (Original Mix)
Pig - Found in Filth (Original Mix)
Pig - Toleration or Truth (Original Mix)
Pig - Drugzilla (Original Mix)
Pig - Missing the Mainline (Original Mix)
Pig - Viva Evil (Original Mix)
Pig - Saturated (Original Mix)
Pig - The Fly Upon the Pin (Original Mix)
Pig - I'm So Wrong (Original Mix)
Pig - Mercy Murder (Original Mix)
Pig - Make Yourself Deny (Original Mix)