Pier Bucci, Argenis Brito – White House [Cosmo Records]

Cosmo Records presents its new EP: "White house". Out on both vinyl and digital, this deep release was produced in COSMOʼs studio in Casablanca, Morocco with Argenis Brito, Pier Bucci and three special guests: Maalem Yassine, Senhaji and Danny (USA).
COSMO has chosen Argenis and Pier for many because they have a heavy background on acoustic music (Senor Coconut..). Second0those two0producers are from south america, and that gives them a special to their culture, their productions are very colourful. Third0, after many releases on different labels, their experience push them to have a wide variety of productions.
Maâlem Yassine handles the guembri, a three stringed skin-covered bass (an instrument that has the same acoustic function as the membrane on a banjo and has a mystical cavernous sound). Senhaji handles vocals and plays the derbouka and Bendir, a kind of0 Middle-Eastern drums. Danny plays the trumpet, he used the bendir (Arabic percussions) 0 at the bottom0to have…

Argenis Brito - White House (Original Mix)
Pier Bucci - Morocco (Original Mix)